You are currently viewing Inter-University Competition (presentation) on Nurturing work-Life Balance

Inter-University Competition (presentation) on Nurturing work-Life Balance

The Women Chemists Committee (WCC) of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has organized an “Inter-University Competition (presentation) on Nurturing Work-Life Balance”.

In an attempt to broaden the knowledge in achieving work-life balance, the Women Chemist Committee of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has established a platform to present how you have succeeded in your work-life balance. This competition is organized with the aim of providing an opportunity for the students to present their effective work-life balance.


Please follow the below-mentioned instructions when preparing the PowerPoint presentation.

• The language of the presentation shall be English.
• All participants are allowed to use a maximum of 10 slides inclusive of participant details. Not adhering, will lead to automatic disqualification.
• The participants should make their Title headlines.
• The content of the PPT should not be copied. Any Plagiarism, if detected, will lead to disqualification.
• All presenters are requested to submit a ‘Recorded Presentation’.
• You can simply use Zoom to record the video.
• Place your video on the top right corner of the slide.
• When you record yourself, make sure to keep about 2-3 feet distance with the web camera. Your upper body should be visible in the video.
• Make sure to have sufficient light from the front.
• Make sure the internet connection is strong.
• Save the video and rename using your name. (ex. Name of the presenter.mp4)
• The video should not be longer than 10 minutes.

The first, second and third places will be selected by a panel of judges. They will be asked to present at the Women’s Committee Breakfast Event in February 2024 and the winners will be recognized at the Annual sessions of the Institute of Chemistry in June 2024.

Competition Details
• Deadline: 31st December 2023
• Target Group: FEMALE students graduated in 2022/2023
• Submission portal:

Guidelines and Submission Details

Endorsement Form

For further information and inquiries:
Email –
Contact Dr. Dinusha Udukala 0714449180