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For nearly fifty years, the Institute has been acclaimed for The Graduateship Programme in Chemistry (GIC), which is a four-year professional qualification.


The total number of credits that need to be covered at the end of four years is 120. In the first two years, students are required to have completed 49 credits, whereas the rest of the 71 credits must be completed during the third and fourth years.

In the first two years, students will be offered fundamental and intermediate course units in the areas of organic, physical, inorganic, analytical and biochemistry. Even though the essence of the programme is Chemistry, selected topics in subjects, such as Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Electronics and Statistics are taught to support undergraduates to cope with more advanced Chemistry course units offered at upper levels, while providing broad-base education strengthening the quality and relevance of the degree.

During the third and fourth years, students will be have the opportunity to select course units from among a wide range of industry-based optional topics, tailored to assist them apply themselves directly into practical situation. Students can also opt to follow research-oriented courses that constitute advanced theoretical concepts in Chemistry. The multitude of industry-oriented courses offered makes the GIC programme a professional qualification.

Students are given hands-on experience in laboratory components during the first three years of the degree. In addition to coursework, senior students will be allowed to choose either a research project or an internship based on their GPA. We hope to lay a solid foundation for our undergraduates to be exposed to research methodologies and techniques, which will assist them in developing their rational thinking and proficiency as chemists.

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One of the following entry criteria has to be satisfied to enroll in the GIC programme.

1. Three passes in science subjects, with Chemistry as a subject, at the

1.1  GCE Advanced level examination OR

1.2 GCE Advanced level examination by Pearson Edexel, UK (London A/L) OR

1.3 International Advanced Level by Pearson Edexel, UK OR

1.4 GSE Advanced Level Examination by Cambridge International Examinations, UK OR

2. Completed the Diploma in Laboratory programme offered by the Institute OR.

3. Completed the foundation course (in Science Subjects) offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka OR.

4. Any other criteria, acceptable to the Council of the Institute.

Note: Graduates who have obtained a general degree (SLQF Level 5) from a state university having completed a sufficient number of chemistry-based courses shall be granted direct admission to Level 3 upon approval by the Academic Board of the Institute (terms and conditions apply).

In 1986, the GIC programme of CCS was accepted by the Government of Sri Lanka as an alternative qualification to a Degree in Science, with Chemistry as a subject, awarded by a recognized University (public administration circular No. 334 of 17 July 1986), for the purpose of employment. 

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has officially stated at the 472nd meeting held on 1996.06.14, that “the Graduateship Qualification awarded by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon can be considered as having satisfied the basic requirements of registration for a Postgraduate programme in Chemistry of a University leading to Diploma/Degree”.

The GIC Programme was formally accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), UK, in 2012 as a four-year BSc. It is the first course in South Asia and second in the Asian region to receive RSC accreditation.

The successful completion of the GIC examination is considered as a fulfillment for admission as an Associate Member of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon. 

The GIC Programme provides an opportunity for individuals who are currently employed in chemical industries to receive a professional qualification and a solid background knowledge regarding the industry that they are involved in.

University students who follow different disciplines or general degrees with Chemistry as a subject have the opportunity to follow this course to further enrich their knowledge and also to gain an in-depth understanding from the perspective of a chemistry background.

The GIC qualification is open for fresh school leavers as well.

Graduates of the GIC programme have many prospects in the industry as well as in academia. Most of our Alumni are placed in respected positions in the industry. Some opportunities available for a GIC graduate are,

  • Postgraduate opportunities either nationally or internationally;
  • Opportunities in the chemical industry;
  • Administrative opportunities in the corporate sector; 
  • Teaching careers in private educational institutions.

For a student who wishes to continue studies with one of our affiliate universities, a transfer programme is available after two years of study at CCS. If one joins the Northumbria University, UK, an additional one year of study is required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Upon completion of another two years at the University of Cincinnati, USA, one would obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a major in Chemistry. A similar qualification awaits a student who completes two years if they opt to join the Truman State University, USA.

Prospective students enrolling for the GIC programme, are generally,

  1. Individuals already occupied in chemical industries, and are yearning to push their qualification and knowledge from being a technician to a graduate; 
  2. Students who are already enrolled in a state University or are working in the industry, and can only commit to a part-time professional degree;
  3. Individuals who wish to have a strong foundation in chemistry, while following a broad spectrum of industry-oriented courses.


For the registration, prospective candidates can follow the procedure given below.

1)     Make an online transfer of the payment to the BOC (Torrington Square Branch) Account No: 2323118


        If you are willing to make the payment physically, visit the nearest BOC branch and make the transfer to the account number mentioned above.

2)    The following documents should be submitted upon registration.

  • PDF of the electronic receipt/scanned copy of the bank transfer slip
  • The completed application form
  • PDF of the A/L results (from the website of the Department of Examinations)
  • Scanned copy of the birth certificate
  • Scanned copy of NIC
  • 2×2 photo (not mandatory for now)

Important: Please retain the original bank slip as it will be collected at the start of enrollment.

For inquiries call us at: (+94) 11 4015230, (+94) 11 2861653, (+94) 11 2861231 or drop a mail to od@ichemc.edu.lk