The Institute has been established for the general advancement of the science and practice of Chemistry and for the enhancement of the status of the profession of Chemistry in Sri Lanka. The Institute represents all branches of the profession and its membership is accepted by the government of Sri Lanka (by establishment circular 234 of 9-3-77) for purposes of recruitment and promotion of chemists.

There are two grades of membership as follows,

Corporate Membership

Full membership of the Institute is referred to as Corporate Membership and consists of two grades;

  1. FELLOW (F.I.Chem.C.)
  2. MEMBER (M.I.Chem.C.)

Non – Corporate membership

Non–Corporate membership consists of four grades, (two of which are transitional form of membership), which are open for application by individuals.

  1. ASSOCIATE (A.I.Chem.C.)
  2. LICENTIATE (L.I.Chem.C.)
  4. Honorary Fellow (Hon.F.I.Chem.C.)

Affiliate membership is open to any one who shows a genuine interest in the Chemical Sciences.

It is the responsibility of the Council to elect Honorary Fellows after considering nominations made by Fellows of the Institute.

The grades of Fellow, Member and Associate have been recognised and accepted by the Government of Sri Lanka as alternate qualifications to the parallel grades of Fellow (FRSC), Member (MRSC) and Associate (AMRSC) respectively of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK for the purposes of recruitment and promotion of Chemists (Vide Establishment Circular No. 234 of 9-3-77)

Applications for admission /transfer to all grades of membership should be made on the prescribed form and forwarded to

The Honorary Secretary, Admission & Ethical Practices Committee, Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon, 341/22 Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya

Admission & Ethical Practices Committee, Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon, 341/22 Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya

Each application should be accompanied by :

  1. The stipulated processing fee, entrance/ transfer fee and membership subscription fee
  2. Original of the birth certificate or a copy certified either by a “Fellow” or a Council Member of the Institute
  3. Originals or certified copies of supporting certificates (Academic/ Professional) giving details of subjects offered, class obtained etc. or a copy certified by a “Fellow” or a Council Member of the Institute


(To be filled only by applicants to the grade of Fellow or Member)

Note: the Institute requires from the referees information about the applicant’s experience/training subsequent to the basic academic/professional qualifications. It is therefore in the own interest of the candidate to nominate referees who are able to comment on the work / experience/attainment in recent years.

At least ONE Referee should therefore be immediately responsible for your recent work. A referee’s report from a non Chemist will be accepted only if a Chemist satisfying this condition is unavailable in your Organization. In any event at least one of the three referees should be a Fellow (for application to the Fellow category) or at least a MEMBER (for application to the category of Member)

Name and addresses of three referees nominated in accordance with the above requirements.

Membership Payment

Payments can be made to any branch of Bank of Ceylon, Account No. 3271080 (Account Name: Institute of Chemistry Ceylon)