As the Dean of the College of Chemical Sciences (CCS), it is my esteemed privilege to extend this message to the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (ICHEMC) website. The College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) stands as the educational pillar of the Institute of Chemistry, overseeing three programs, the Graduateship in Chemistry (GIC), BSc Hons in Chemical Science, and Diploma of Laboratory Technicians (DLT). Notably, the GIC holds accreditation from the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, while the BSc Hons in Chemical Science is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Both programs span four years, are available on both weekends and weekdays, and boast a diverse panel of instructors comprising internal academics, visiting senior lecturers, professors from esteemed state universities, qualified professionals from governmental and research institutions, as well as eminent figures from the private sector.

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to equip students with a myriad of academic skills, including laboratory techniques, problem-solving, critical thinking, presentation, and academic writing. Moreover, our educational approach extends beyond coursework to offer a rich student life experience, characterized by vibrant extracurricular activities organized by student clubs, fostering invaluable skills in organization, teamwork, leadership, and communication.

I am delighted to announce our ongoing research endeavors, spanning from fundamental to interdisciplinary applied science projects, exploring the dynamic intersection of chemistry with biology, materials science, nanoscience, nanotechnology, and environmental science. With robust collaborations with state universities, research institutes, and industries in Sri Lanka, we annually host International Research Conferences, training seminars, and workshops, presenting abundant opportunities for our students.

Furthermore, our graduates consistently secure direct admissions to esteemed foreign universities for PhD studies.  This is a testament to the high quality of education and research experience provided to our graduates by the ICHEMC. It also reflects the recognition of the caliber of our graduates and the valuable skills and knowledge they acquire during their time at our institution. Such achievements not only highlight the excellence of our educational programs but also demonstrate the competitiveness of our graduates on an international level.

As we march forward, we remain committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures creativity, curiosity, and enthusiasm among our students. Our dedicated staff stands ready to always assist students, welcoming any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I extend a warm invitation to our esteemed ICHEMC alumni worldwide to join hands in our pursuit of excellence.

Dear students, with dedication and perseverance, success in completing your studies within four years is not only attainable but assured.


Prof. A. D. L. Chandani Perera
B.Sc. Hon (Perad), Ph.D. (Japan), FNASSL
Dean/College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry