Welcome to the College of Chemical Sciences of the Institute of Chemistry. You have chosen right. The Institute of Chemistry has played a pivotal role in being the largest provider of Graduate Chemists to a vast array of organizations in the country. This has been largely due to the ‘Educational Arm’ of the Institute of Chemistry, the College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) ,which administers the Graduateship in Chemistry (GIC) course ( since 1979). The GIC is a Professional Degree accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. The GIC course has produced over 125 graduates per year and the recipients have not only gained employment in private sector but many have secured scholarships to universities in developed countries to pursue their higher studies leading to a Doctoral Degree.The BSc(in Chemical Science) officially started in 2020 and is accredited by the Ministry of Higher education. It is a four year degree. At this time student who were reading for a GIC since 2018 were also allowed to transfer to the BSc program with additional criteria based of the mapping of the two courses. As such the first convocation for the BSc(Chemical Science)
students were held in 2022. We have pooled together highly competent internal academics, visiting lecturers from state universities, and qualified professionals from government and research institutes as well as eminent persons from the private sector to deliver these courses. I wish you the all a very successful years with your studies and encourage you to complete your degree with excellence within the allocated four-year period.

Professor Srianthie Deraniyagala
B.Sc ( Hons, Colombo), Ph.D ( Dalhousie, Canada)
F. IChemC ; C. Chem.
Dean/College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry
Former Senior Professor,
University of Colombo