Fifty-third Annual Sessions of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2024


The Annual sessions are a key annual activity of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon which is conducted during the month of June and enables members to present their research papers at technical sessions. The Annual Sessions commence with a formal Ceremonial Inauguration during which the outgoing President delivers his/her Presidential Address, and the Annual Awards of the Institute are presented. The Annual General Meeting of the Institute at which the Council for the next year is elected is also held after the Ceremonial Inauguration. Presentations of awardees and Memorial Lectures are also delivered during the Annual Sessions. Each Annual Session is conducted based on a Theme brought forth by the President. A Themed Seminar based on a particular area of interest is usually conducted to emphasize the areas covered. The tentative program of the Fifty-first Institute of Chemistry Ceylon Annual Sessions, 2023 is available under the downloads section.

With the intention of popularizing Chemistry and chemical sciences among the young generation, the IChemC is organizing the 53rd Annual Sessions in 2024. The ceremonial inauguration of the annual sessions is scheduled to be held in June 2024. The exact date and the venue will be announced in due course.

The annual general meeting is the event during which prospective candidates for the new Council year 2024/2025 are appointed. The new members will be elected based on a voting system. It is scheduled to be held on the same day after the inauguration ceremony.

To add colour to this significant event, an International
Conference will be held in June 2024. 

Undergraduate students who are conducting research under the GIC programme and Members of the IChemC are invited to submit abstracts to be considered for the Annual Sessions. Abstracts on on-going research can also be submitted.

Only members (other than student members) of the IChemC are permitted to be Corresponding Authors. An accepted abstract could be presented at the Annual Sessions by any of the authors. A Collaborator/Co-author who is not a member of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon should apply for Session membership. It is not a requirement for co-authors living overseas to obtain membership at the IChemC. All authors, other than Session members, should not be in any arrears of membership fee, including the current year’s subscription prior to the Annual Sessions. All abstracts and extended abstracts must be submitted through the IChemC online abstract submission portal on or before February 29, 2024.  

Information and instructions on abstract submission are provided below. Please note that abstracts/extended abstracts that are not prepared/submitted according to the guidelines provided, or are submitted after the deadline, will not be considered for review.

WCC, is a collection of great women Chemists in Sri Lanka under the unique and strong umbrella of Chemistry in the country, named College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) & The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (IChemC). It includes a group of Veteran Chemists produced by various Universities in Sri Lanka and abroad, who are qualified and experienced in the Chemistry World. The women professionals working in WCC have greatly contributed to the field of chemistry as academics and researchers. One of the objectives of WCC is to prioritize the active participation by women chemists in the field of harmless Chemistry.


The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon proudly announces the Second International
Conference on Frontiers in Chemical Technology (FCT-2), scheduled to be held
from June 20–22, 2024, at the Marino Beach Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has designated “Chemical Science for
Technological Advancement: Empowering the Future” as the theme for this
council year. Congruent with the aforementioned theme, the conference will
feature the following five themes, and we are thrilled to invite submissions of
abstracts aligning with these themes.:
1. Energy: Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solutions
2. Environment: Climate Change, Pollution, and Green Chemistry
3. Medicine: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, and Herbal Technology
4. Waste: Management, Value Addition, and Circular Economy
5. Food: Security, Safety, and Quality
The conference will feature five plenary lectures and eight keynote speeches, a
session on chemical education, two panel discussions on women’s contributions
in Sri Lanka’s chemistry industry, and two pre-conference workshops on career
guidance and chemical education for professional development.
For comprehensive details, including speaker information, author guidelines, and
registration, please visit our conference website: Abstract
submissions are now open, and we eagerly anticipate your valuable contributions.

Click here to Submit Abstract : IchemC Online Abstract Submission Portal

Call for Annual Awards

 Members of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon are invited to apply/nominate candidates for the
following awards for the year 2024.

•                Institute of Chemistry Gold Medal
•                Dr. C L de Silva Gold Medal Award
•                Devanathan Memorial Award
•                Chandrasena Memorial Award
•                Ramakrishna Memorial Award
•                Kandiah Memorial Awards
•                Professor M U S Sultanbawa Award for Research in Chemistry

Criteria and requirements for each of the awards and the form(s) to be filled are herewith
Please note that completed form(s) and all other documents should be submitted by e-mail in pdf
format to the Hony. Secretary ( of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon on
or before 28th  of February 2024.