CHEMEX is a signature series of chemical educational exhibitions which were organized by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon as a means of creating an awareness in the general public towards the importance of the chemical sciences as well as a means of popularizing the subject amongst school children. Since its inception in 2011 the Institute has successfully held three CHEMEX exhibitions thus far.

CHEMEX I was held in order to celebrate the global recognition given to Chemistry by the United Nations Organization in 2011 when the year was declared as the International Year of Chemistry. A grand exhibition CHEMEX 2011 along with a trade fair was organized by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon under the theme “Wonders of Chemistry”. The exhibition was held over a span of four days, i.e. 27th – 30th of January 2011 at the BMICH, Colombo.

Due to the massive success of CHEMEX I the project the Institute continued it and conducted the CHEMEX II exhibition in November 2011. This was a miniature version of the CHEMEX I which was held at the Adamantane House in Rajagiriya, which is the headquarters of the Institute, as a conclusion of the International Year of Chemistry. Even though this event was smaller in scale compared to its predecessor it too drew a great crowd and concluded as a roaring success.

CHEMEX III was held in January 2014 in order to celebrate the Ruby Anniversary of the initiation of the academic activities of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon as well as the completion of the new five-storied wing of the Adamantane House. This event too was held at the Institute premises, Adamantane House, at Rajagiriya. Even though it was not at the scale of the initial CHEMEX exhibition this event concluded as another roaring success with a massive turnover of crowds from all four corners of the Island.

The most recent in the series which is CHEMEX IV was held from 26th – 28th of January 2017 at the at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Conventional Centre (SLECC) with the intention of popularizing chemistry and chemical sciences among the young generation.