Open Day 2024

The Open Day of the Institute of Chemical Sciences (IChemC) unfolded with great success on the 24th of February, 2024, at the prestigious PPGL Auditorium, commencing at 10 am. The distinguished occasion featured an insightful presentation on the degree and diploma programs by esteemed academic figures, namely Prof. Namal Priyantha, Prof. Chandani Perera, Dr. Savidya Jayawardena, Dr. Keerthi Attanayake, and Prof. Priyani Paranagama.

The event further showcased the dynamic and engaging side of IChemC with a captivating magic show presented by the talented members of the Magic Club affiliated with the College of Chemical Sciences. This not only added a touch of entertainment but also underscored the vibrant and diverse aspects of the academic community.

In bringing the Open Day to a thoughtful conclusion, an interactive session unfolded at the library, affording attendees the opportunity to engage with the knowledgeable staff of IChemC. This session aimed to deepen their understanding of the various degree programs offered by the institute and underscored the institutional recognition that IChemC holds within the academic and professional spheres.

The successful culmination of the Open Day stands as a testament to IChemC’s commitment to academic excellence, interactive learning, and fostering a holistic understanding of chemical sciences among its prospective students.