Commemoration of late prof JNO Fernando

The Commemoration of the 80th birth anniversary and 9th death anniversary of Emeritus Professor J.N.O. Fernando unfolded with profound success on the 1st of March 2024 at the premises of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (ICHEMC). The event marked a significant tribute to the distinguished academic and was attended by esteemed guests and dignitaries.

The proceedings commenced with the formal Welcome Speech delivered by Prof. H.M.D.N. Priyantha, the President of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon. Following this, the atmosphere was enriched by hymns performed by Level 2 students, adding a poignant and reflective touch to the commemorative occasion.

A noteworthy aspect of the event was the philanthropic gesture of collecting donations for the Victoria Home in Rajagiriya. Prof. Namal Priyantha, in his capacity, presented the collected donations to a representative of the Victoria Home, underscoring the institute’s commitment to social responsibility.

Dr. Gobika Thiripuranathar then eloquently addressed the audience, presenting the Orators citation, and paving the way for the memorial oration. Prof. P.A. Nimal Punyasiri, the Chair and Professor of Biochemistry at the Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Colombo, delivered a poignant address titled “Chemist, Educationist, Mentor, and Visionary – Reminiscences of Prof. JNO Fernando,” reflecting on the profound impact and legacy of Prof. JNO Fernando.

The event reached its culmination with a solemn tribute, as the statue of Prof. JNO Fernando at ICHEMC was ceremoniously garlanded. This commemoration stands as a fitting homage to a distinguished individual whose contributions to the field of chemistry and education continue to inspire and shape the academic landscape.