Dr. Sameera R. Gunatilake
Grad. Chem., Ph.D. (Mississippi State),
C.Chem., M.I.Chem. C.

Welcome to Gunatilake Group!

“Discovery is the endless exploration of knowledge.”

Welcome to the research group of Dr Sameera R Gunatilake at the College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon! We are interested in developing novel analytical methods to determine trace level organic and inorganic analytes from various environmental and food matrices. Furthermore, we investigate the occurrence and fate of trace compounds in the environment. Producing engineered, biomass derived, carbonaceous materials for water remediation and agricultural applications is another specialty of the Gunatilake lab. This involves studying the physical chemistry aspect of adsorption including adsorption mechanisms, kinetics, thermodynamics, and regeneration. We are also interested in developing chemical education concepts, inventing novel theories, and incorporating theories of education philosophy into classroom teaching, learning and evaluation.

Our research group is open to impactful interdisciplinary research collaborations. To all avid, motivated, and innovative budding chemists out there, we are delighted to join hands with you! Please feel free to reach out for further clarifications at ranmal@ichemc.edu.lk.